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After falling out of the shower and bashing my head on the toilet, I realized that the shower is, in fact, NOT the best place to try and learn the "Running Man" dance. True story!

But on a more serious note, I love to have fun and interacting with people. Although if you ever see me on campus I am probably jamming out to my IPOD, so sometimes I can be oblivious to the people around me. Recently I have become very involved in activities throughout Longwood University and the community. I am the President of the Longwood Young Dems club, the treasurer of the Criminal Justice Fraternity Lambda Alpha Epsilon, and a member of the Honors Sociology Fraternity Alpha Kappa Delta. This summer I took on a role of a Common Good Summer Fellow to help campaign for Virginia's 5th district Congressman Tom Perriello, and have built up several relations with people in 4 surrounding counties that will last me a lifetime.

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May 1, 2011 3:11PM

The end is near,and I have Senioritis to the fullest.

There are a lot of different illness associated with different times of the year. There’s flu season in the winter. Allergy season in the spring. Sunburns in the summer. But around early April and May a different disease starts to take hold, and it goes after a very specific group.

College seniors.

It’s serious and it spreads quickly. But the problem is the symptoms can at first appear so subtle that college students may not even notice they have them. Their regular behavior is simply heightened. So when going about their normal, every day lives they don’t even realize that they’re actually struggling with senioritis. That’s why they can’t write that paper or concentrate in class. That’s why everything seems impossible. If  you’re a college senior and this, or any of the signs below sound familiar to you, you may be suffering from senioritis. (And no, we don’t recommend looking up your symptoms on WebMD.

1. Oversleeping. Your alarm goes off so you press the snooze button. And then you press again. And then again. And then you glance at the clock and realize your class starts in five minutes…and then you roll over and go back to sleep. 

2. The desire to never do anything productive anything again. The other night, instead of working on that paper for class I spent the night watching the entire series of Freaks and Geeks that I rented from the library. It seemed like an excellent idea at the time.

3. Asking the question but why does this matter? Before I start an assignment, before I do my reading, before I make the walk across campus to my next class it’s all I’m thinking these days. Why does it matter? It will all be over in a month or so. It won’t matter!

4. Hanging out with your friends even more often than usual. I’ve always been very good about scheduling my time. Work, classes, time for friends. I fit it all in there. But lately I’ve been putting off homework, pushing back plans, and rearranging schedules to allow for even more hang out time than usual. My excuse? We only have ___ days/months/weeks left. Might as well enjoy them.

5. The sudden desire to be a joiner. You’ve never been one for those campus wide events like festivals on the oval or midnight breakfasts but now suddenly you find yourself ready and willing to participate in just about anything even the carnival you haven’t gone to since freshman year…

6. Not showing up to classes. Everyone takes mental health days, but when you’re skipping class more often than you’re going that’s when you know somethings up.

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