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After falling out of the shower and bashing my head on the toilet, I realized that the shower is, in fact, NOT the best place to try and learn the "Running Man" dance. True story!

But on a more serious note, I love to have fun and interacting with people. Although if you ever see me on campus I am probably jamming out to my IPOD, so sometimes I can be oblivious to the people around me. Recently I have become very involved in activities throughout Longwood University and the community. I am the President of the Longwood Young Dems club, the treasurer of the Criminal Justice Fraternity Lambda Alpha Epsilon, and a member of the Honors Sociology Fraternity Alpha Kappa Delta. This summer I took on a role of a Common Good Summer Fellow to help campaign for Virginia's 5th district Congressman Tom Perriello, and have built up several relations with people in 4 surrounding counties that will last me a lifetime.

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May 1, 2011 3:37PM

The Bucket List

Remember Freshman year when every upper-classman you knew s aid “ treasure the next four years, they go by so fast . “  Well not to sound li ke a broken record…but they kind of do.

I’ve barreled through my last semester of college and this huge list of things I had planned on doing before graduating has kind of, well, not been tackled at all. Instead it’s been sitting in my documents, staring me down every time I go to write an essay.

It might seem a little too late to tackle this long list, but after a night of some Franzia and mounds of cheese and crackers (the classy best friends on a night in) I’ve decided why wait any longer! Plus could I really get away with doing any of these after college?

Take yourself out to a fancy dinner (by yourself…no books/laptops/turn the cell phone off!): Remember that scene in Sex in the City when Carrie finally goes out to lunch by herself? She made a point of having no distractions so she could enjoy her own company. I’ve always felt so empowered by how she didn’t care what anyone thought. DONE

Start a food fight: You stand up from the table with your fistful of spaghetti raised and just as you are about to throw it at your roommate from freshman year, you scream “FOOD FIGHT.” And the entire cafeteria breaks into the most epic battle of food flinging ever seen. HAHA, YEAH….

Go on a road trip: I always start planning one, but then change my mind and decide it’s too unrealistic. I would love to  live on the road and just worry about where I’m getting my next meal..not bills, three meals from now, a job. Just me and the open road. Well, and the best friends. I sorta got this DONE, if you count trips to VCU and UVA….

Take a picture every day(I’m a little late to start, and I had good intentions back in September…but maybe I’ll be able to keep up with it now): So originally I was going to start this Freshman year, then after not doing it for four years I figured I would start in September…but that didn’t work out too well. I can barely keep up with the 30 day challenges on Facebook. This was one on the list I was just destined to fail due to my lack of enthusiasm and patience. NOT A FAT CHANCE THAT THIS GOT DONE.

Run through the campus fountains (as soon as they are turned on): I see people every September (when it’s still hot enough) running through them. And I’ve always wanted to be them…but then I worry about walking all the way back to my do rms soaking wet…or will it ruin my shoes/shirt/pants? It’s all about throwing care to the wind. DONE every year after color wars, and pool toys in Grainger fountain in the spring too!

Watch every episode of Sex and the City without stopping: I started watching Sex in the City a few seasons too late. So now I’m in the awkward stage where I’ve watched some episodes from some seasons. So I’d like to watch the full show from season 1 to whatever the last season was. ALMOST PLAUSIBLE THANKS TO THE SCHOOL LIBRARY AND TV MARATHONS EVERY SATURDAY.

Play man-hunt in the library: Yes please! Think of all the good hiding spots! Plus after close all of those people who live in the library and hate “trouble makers” will be gone! So the real fun can begin. I WISH AND WILL ALWAYS WISH THIS!!!!!!!

Learn how to make one dinner meal: Breakfast and lunch I have covered …Special K and a sandwich. But dinner…I feel like maybe I should have something that isn’t cereal/toast/or a piece of chocolate I found at the bottom of my purse. DONE AND DONE, not 5 star dinning quality, but it still worked.

Go home with a freshman: I know what you are thinking…freshman are gross. Well college guys/girls are kind of gross in general. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to go back and visit your Freshman dorm? HAHAHA, KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING.

Have a rooftop party on one of the dorms  (maybe without alcohol…safety reasons people!): You’ve seen them in all of the romantic comedies; the ones you watch with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s. They always have the outdoor lights perfectly placed — and the cute guy/girl from down the hall who sweeps you off into the quiet corner and tells you how much they love you. Is there a more perfect way to end your four years of writing essays and doing keg stands? I don’t think so. I HAD to mention this.

Learn how to make a fancy cocktail…and make it: I’m mainly a beer girl, or a rum bucket (best invention ever?) girl, but that is only because I’ve never taken the time to learn how to make a Lemon Drop orA Bitter Canadian. So why not learn how to make at least one before entering the real world…where you should know what’s in a drink and/or at least how to order it. HAHA, NOPE NEVER HAPPENED.

Win the mega millions: One way to make sure all debts are taken care of and I would have enough money to move out. A girl can dream.

Have a drink with your cute professor: You know your young Sociology professor who is the only guy that can pull of a sweater vest (except for Ryan Reynolds…he can pull off anything). Why not try? I mean, you do see him at the bar every so often. Throw some back, and talk about the study and classification of human societies. COMPLETELY KIDDING and SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

Participate in Karaoke: No surprise here, but I’m usually the one in the corner mocking the herds of people who drunkenly sing along to “Don’t Stop Believing.” But I would love to have the guts and get up there (with my girls in tow) and belt something out. DONE.

Graduate: And say goodbye to all my friends, and find a job, and start all of that other post-graduation horror. Maybe I could just stay another semester? PRACTICALLY DONE (DONE!!!!!)

College is a time to experiment and really find yourself.  And sometimes making a bucket list of all the things that make you uncomfortable is the best way to find out what you’re really made of. So let’s do it.

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