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After falling out of the shower and bashing my head on the toilet, I realized that the shower is, in fact, NOT the best place to try and learn the "Running Man" dance. True story!

But on a more serious note, I love to have fun and interacting with people. Although if you ever see me on campus I am probably jamming out to my IPOD, so sometimes I can be oblivious to the people around me. Recently I have become very involved in activities throughout Longwood University and the community. I am the President of the Longwood Young Dems club, the treasurer of the Criminal Justice Fraternity Lambda Alpha Epsilon, and a member of the Honors Sociology Fraternity Alpha Kappa Delta. This summer I took on a role of a Common Good Summer Fellow to help campaign for Virginia's 5th district Congressman Tom Perriello, and have built up several relations with people in 4 surrounding counties that will last me a lifetime.

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September 22, 2010 9:06PM

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

What’s considered sin? You may as well try to also ask what is considered delinquent? As a Criminal Justice major and a Sociology minor, I think about these types of things on a daily basis. So many aspects of my everyday college life intertwines with that activities I am involved in outside of this campus atmosphere. Its nice to find the time to just think about life and how its progressed over the years, and how it will continue to progress with life after college.

Not going to lie, I’ve had a few…okay well a decent amount of obstacles that I had to overcome with my time here at Longwood (jeez sounds like I’m in prison with that sentence, but really not as bad as it sounds on paper). My freshman year was probably not the greatest experience, but I’m still here and actually blogging for a school I was thinking about transferring out of.

The dynamic of college life and its atmosphere is COMPLETELY different from the outside world. And one major thing that takes time to get used to is living situations. Having to live with not just 1 other person, but 3 other people. Balancing schedules to study, shower, sleep, and socialize (the 4′s) is hard to do. It is especially hard when you live with people who you don’t necessarily get along with despite numerous efforts.  I chose to do random rooming, to try to get the full effect of college. And boy did I get the FULL effect. Things started off well, but there was just one particular roomie I didn’t get along with due to ignorance and arrogance. This is where the 4′s came into play, we were just not getting along. And being immature and not knowing how to deal with situations of that nature I did something childish… and was brought up on Judicial Board (J-board) Charges.

J-Board is an interesting experience and can be intimidating, not going to lie. Despite some qualms I do have with it, it sometimes is needed.  For those who do decide to drink and are obnoxious about, well you kind of deserve to get caught and get in trouble. Now for standing up for what is right, and not tolerating the ignorance of people and letting them know how you feel….well J-board is just not so much necessary (at least in my opinion). But heck you live, you learn, you continue to have fun.

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