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Hi, I’m Matt and I love being a Lancer! I am a senior in the P.H.E.T.E program. (Physical Health Education and Teacher Education) I love to go to Longwood athletic events and support my friends. I am engaged to Mallory Pendleton and will be getting married June 8th 2013. Last year I received a CHI COMMENDATION for my representation of my fraternity Phi Mu Delta, Service as a Resident Assistant and my compassion for those around me. I was so excited and proud to receive this recognition. I love Longwood and all it has to offer. GO LANCERS!!

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September 25, 2012 10:21PM

Chi. What is Chi?

Chi. What is Chi? Don’t we all want to know? We all want to know who is in it. Why do they do what they do? Why do they have to be so secretive? Who is selected and how do they find out? A lot of questions can be asked but only a few can be answered.

               Let’s start at the beginning. My first Chi walk I went to was during my sophomore year.  I went with some of my friends and heard that Chi was weird. The first time I saw them was crazy because they were covered head to toe in robes with their hoods pulled up and socks on their hands. Not knowing what Chi was, I thought it was boring, but I soon realized it was more than just that. It was the spirit of Longwood. They make Longwood stand out from other colleges. Chi gives students a reason to become student leaders.

The members of Chi are a secret because that’s part of the fun. If you knew who they were what fun would it be? Along with that, Chi is there for others not themselves. They are there to promote the spirit within us all. No one knows for sure how they are selected in. but there are plenty of rumors that float around. Some think it’s just seniors, some think there are only 10, and some think more. One thing I do know is that I love Longwood and I love our traditions such as this. We are all Chi.

Check out this video about Chi! What is Chi?

credit goes to

Produced/Filmed/Edited by:
Tara Carr, Class of 2011
Jessica Snyder, Class of 2011
Kevin Rich, Class of 2011
Maria Soliven, Class of 2012
Stephen Hudson, Class of 2013


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