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Hi, I’m Matt and I love being a Lancer! I am a senior in the P.H.E.T.E program. (Physical Health Education and Teacher Education) I love to go to Longwood athletic events and support my friends. I am engaged to Mallory Pendleton and will be getting married June 8th 2013. Last year I received a CHI COMMENDATION for my representation of my fraternity Phi Mu Delta, Service as a Resident Assistant and my compassion for those around me. I was so excited and proud to receive this recognition. I love Longwood and all it has to offer. GO LANCERS!!


September 11, 2012 10:34PM

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Nolte but most people just call me Nolte. I am a senior Physical Health Education Teacher Education major which means I want to be a P.E teacher. I also am engaged to Mallory Pendleton who graduated from Longwood last year. We plan on getting married June 8, 2013 about a month after I graduate. I am a brother of Phi Mu Delta and I love my bros until the end. Something else I’ve been involved in at Longwood Residential Life, Which was the best thing I have ever done at Longwood. It helped me so much with speaking skills and working with superiors. I am going to do a blog every Tuesdays. If you have any ideas of what I should call my blog, tweet me at @LancerNolte13. By the way share this with all your friends at Longwood so they can hear the good news every week!

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  1. Diane Delaney says:

    yay Matt! I look forward to reading your blog post