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Hi, I’m Matt and I love being a Lancer! I am a senior in the P.H.E.T.E program. (Physical Health Education and Teacher Education) I love to go to Longwood athletic events and support my friends. I am engaged to Mallory Pendleton and will be getting married June 8th 2013. Last year I received a CHI COMMENDATION for my representation of my fraternity Phi Mu Delta, Service as a Resident Assistant and my compassion for those around me. I was so excited and proud to receive this recognition. I love Longwood and all it has to offer. GO LANCERS!!


January 27, 2013 4:29PM

10 things I wish I knew as a freshman

10. Never buy cheap toilet paper! EVER!!!!

9. Double check everything you turn in to teachers.

8. Be open to finding new friends. Old friends may not be going down the same path as you.

7. A clean room is a happy roommate. (applies for kitchens too)

6. Lancer Days are okay to take, but don’t take too many.

5. Try not to procrastinate; limit yourself to one or two all-nighters a semester.

4. You can only rely on yourself; check other people’s work if your name is on it.

3. Keep Facebook professional. Don’t post pictures you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.

2. If you transfer, know that you have a long road ahead of you: new friends, new classes, and new traditions.

1. Don’t burn bridges, you never know who you might need a favor from one day.


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One Response to 10 things I wish I knew as a freshman

  1. Lemuel says:

    On point for sure.