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I am a Longwood Senior heavily involved in organizations around campus that include but are not limited to Resident and Commuter Life, Campus Recreation and the Art Department. I am looking forward to my final year at Longwood and want to instill the same pride I feel for my school to others throughout the Longwood community.

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December 20, 2012 8:59PM

Winter Break…that means a break from work, right?


I am a college senior with little idea of what life after Longwood holds in store. This winter break has been so productive its ridiculous!

For all my bloggin’ homies out there, I shall proceed to list of just a few of the activities I’ve taken part in since I’ve left Longwood for this winter break:

1) Sleeping. I’ve done probably too much of this.

2) Staying up late. Perhaps this explains the sleeping patterns. Non-conducive though, I stay up late anyway.

3) Exercising. Why start your fitness regime after the New Year when you can start it BEFORE?!

4) Producing artwork like CRAZY!

5) Filling out Grad School applications! I’ve narrowed my choices down and decided where I’d like to go, hopefully!


That’s pretty much been life. But I’ve had a few great conversations and a few very helpful friends and family members somewhat guide me through this next few months. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot of friends to Graduation. I will miss them surely once the Spring semester starts up. But the bright side is that I know they are out in the world now, hopefully using the education from inside and outside the classroom at Longwood to pursue some dreams or jobs. Or dream jobs.

I decided a while ago that I will defy convention. I don’t want to do what everyone else does and I don’t want to be normal. I want to be abnormal, but in the most normal way possible.

What I’m getting at is that post graduation, regardless of whether I am accepted to a Graduate Studies program to pursue my education or not, I’ve decided to be extraordinary. After all, greatness is thrust upon us, but we always have an opportunity to walk away from that greatness.

Here is what I think:

I think that a lot of new graduates spend four years or less at an institution to earn a degree in hopes that it will land them a job after school doing WHATEVER. Honestly, anything. The dirty secret here is that the degree isn’t as valuable as it once was, but people are getting them anyway because the majority has insisted a degree WILL get you a job when in fact nothing is guaranteed because a lot more people are out there with degrees now a days.   So we get these pieces of paper and spend this money to inevitably get a job in whatever field we can find as soon as we can find it. I’m not saying here that no one uses their degree and no body ever gets a job in their field out of college– that happens a lot– but not as much as we want it to.

So I decided a long time ago that regardless of my degree, I’m going to make a massive change after graduation, plan dependent of course. If I’m accepted to a Grad program, I’ll travel to one of those four locations (none of them are in Virginia, it will be a change for sure). If I’m not accepted, I will move somewhere else and restart my life. You may think that fiscally thats not smart. Or that a 22 year old kid can’t really stand to uproot and set up shop elsewhere away from friends and family. And you may be right. But regardless of difficulty when I’m 22, I refuse to do anything that is not extraordinary for myself.

**I included some pictures of artwork I’ve made so far in case you wanted to see what I do!**

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