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I am a Longwood Senior heavily involved in organizations around campus that include but are not limited to Resident and Commuter Life, Campus Recreation and the Art Department. I am looking forward to my final year at Longwood and want to instill the same pride I feel for my school to others throughout the Longwood community.

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September 13, 2012 10:51AM

Three weeks in…

This year has been one of impending realizations.

Yeah, yeah yeah, there is always the looming question of life after school, blah blah blah.

I’m talking real HUGE epiphany realizations. Like learning who the people you want to be around are, or how much you can depend on people and even how much you can depend on yourself. Or how at the end of a long day sitting around and talking with some good amigos will always and forever outweigh any kind of synthesized feeling of happiness.

Things like that.

So this past week I’ve been thinking a lot about how to turn this realization into productivity. (Little secret, I love productivity. Everything about the word even sounds productive.) I’ve been thinking that if I know the people I can depend on and I know the people I can count on to put me in a good mood and I know the people who do the opposite of that, I should be able to easily balance that equation and only be with the people who have positive effects on me.

So I might try that. Seems simple, but sometimes the most difficult lessons we can learn are usually right in front of us.

My dad always says his grandfather used to say “If your head is trying to tell you something, shut up and listen.” Pretty good advice, right?

You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve continued my breakfast regiment! Every day between 7 and 9 I feast and them work in the mornings to get stuff done. It’s actually very freeing. I have more time to do things and less time spent stressing about doing things.

On the student front, its been just another week. Organizing projects, writing proposals and in between catching breath.

I actually have found solace in the rock wall at the Health and Fitness Center. My roommate and I will frequent this plaster monolith about twice a week and try different courses, routes and “problems” all while exercising simultaneously! It’s crazy, I know, to exercise AND have fun at the same time. Afterwards we usually go to the pool in Willet and swim some laps and at the end of that we’re tired but feelin’ good from the workout of climbing and then swimming. It’s these kinds of alternatives to tradition that I enjoy. Like on Thanksgiving, I would love to have chinese food instead of turkey and stuffing. But then I’d miss the leftovers the next day.

Stay Tuned.

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