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I am a Longwood Senior heavily involved in organizations around campus that include but are not limited to Resident and Commuter Life, Campus Recreation and the Art Department. I am looking forward to my final year at Longwood and want to instill the same pride I feel for my school to others throughout the Longwood community.

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October 29, 2012 2:56PM

Storm’s a-comin’.

Okay, I can’t help myself.

For the appropriate amount of  blogging I will be abusing my powers to rant/complain/call out college students. Stay with me, it gets good.

Allow me to be forward:

Weather is not by any means an excuse to be dramatic, to get drunk, or to ignore your responsibilities as students, leaders and people in general. Weather does not talk about us, it does not care that we post a meme, a photo of us in our “survival outfit”, or a status update about how lucky we are classes got cancelled so we can waste our time sleeping the day away ( a particularly frequent activity of the unproductive ).

All day I have seen on the internet students, people paying for educations and using hours of their life to “be educated” at university, complain about why their school hasn’t cancelled class or celebrating because their class was cancelled and now they have free time to do whatever they want because of this impending hurricane.

What if there wasn’t a hurricane? How would your day be different, students? How would your life be different? Would you still take that nap? Would you still do homework? What happens if the power goes out and your paper that is due tomorrow isn’t finished?

One of my biggest pet peeves with college students and young people is a general apathy and appreciation for the opportunities around us and seeing so many people latch onto this hurricane as AN EXCUSE to not be responsible is utterly disheartening and extremely frustrating.

Makes me hope the power goes out so that social media can be ignored, people can get off their phones or computers and have a conversation with others by flashlight.

Remember when we were kids and snow days or storms was a vacation from modernism and the comforts of life we surround ourselves with and it was fun? I do, and its a shame that kind of return to the dark ages doesn’t happen more often.

We have cocooned ourselves in luxury and then we complain about it when something is the slightest bit inconvenient or take advantage and abuse time given to us when really that time is money we’re glad to spend on classes we wish were cancelled because we’re lazy.

And I think that’s the bottom line here; we as college students are lazy. Incredibly lazy.

So spend your “hurricane party” evening doing whatever you want. But tomorrow, when classes start up again, will anything honestly have changed? Maybe the wind will have blown harder today and we’ll have wet streets.

The weather does not care that you’ve updated a status. Your professors care that you didn’t get your work done when the university has GIVEN YOU THE GIFT OF TIME.

Happy hurricane, hope you don’t get blown away.

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