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I am a Longwood Senior heavily involved in organizations around campus that include but are not limited to Resident and Commuter Life, Campus Recreation and the Art Department. I am looking forward to my final year at Longwood and want to instill the same pride I feel for my school to others throughout the Longwood community.

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November 24, 2012 12:10AM

I’ve Taken a Break…

So recently I’ve been less active bloggin’. Chalk it up to whatever you want, the hiatus is not whats important.

What I feel like is important is the future.

It’s the holiday season, so, as to be expected by anyone my age, there are a few key questions asked regularly:

a) what are you up to these days?

b) (assuming the answer to “a” is school…) oh, and what are you studying?

c) (assuming you’re studying…) oh! and what do you plan to do with that?


These questions are unavoidable. And annoying.


Lets give our grandparents/aunts and uncles/distant relatives credit– they’re good at the small talk, but we don’t need a full interview on how our lives will go.

Since I was a freshman at Longwood I’ve kind of come to live by a creed, a John Mayer quote and a way of life, really: Who Says?

There was never a rule book written that said I had to do one thing for the rest of my life. Never was a playbook put together where my college degree factored a whole lot into my plans to be happy.

Let me digress– a college degree, while important, is not what will ultimately determine happiness in the overall grand scheme of life. Be not confused; it will certainly assist many in finding a job with their desired field, but for some of us, for many of us, a degree in our field is not necessarily the job field we end up in.

This is fact. I’m interested in cooking good chicken. This does not necessarily mean I major in grill cooking and will be a personable star on the Food Network. Chances are, if I’m interested in cooking chicken, I will end up at a middle-class restaurant in the back barking dinner orders and sweating (swearing) profusely for a long, long time.

What exactly is my point here?

My point is this:

My grandparents can drill me questions, comment how useless my degree may be OR useful. That’s a-okay with me. I know that a Drawing/Painting degree from Longwood isn’t the most influential or direct paths to success I could have chosen for myself. But it is a stepping stone. And so much of this school for me has been a stepping stone. The small school environment has given me opportunities to get to know professional staff, work with professors and become a professional myself socially and academically which, in talking with friends from big name universities, is not a common thing.

So yeah, I’ve got a drawing and painting degree, but chances are ten years down the road I’ll be in California with a gallery or Michigan with a class of other young drawing and painting majors or Mass Art co-teaching classes with a professor that I consider a close friend and colleague.

Maybe it’s my naivety, but the possibilities are wide open. Will you take a chance?

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