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I'm from Richmond, VA and when it came to choosing which school to go to, I had no idea. When I came to Longwood for my first tour, my mom said she could see me going to Longwood, and since Mom usually knows best, here I am!
When I first started at Longwood, my intentions were to become a Physical and Health Education teacher. After my sophomore year, I realized teaching really wasn't my passion, so I changed my Kinesiology concentration to Exercise Science. Throughout my time here, I've been involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Longwood Ambassadors, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Mortar Board and I'm in my second year as a Resident Assistant. My senior year has approached so quickly and I'm trying to take in as many of the Longwood traditions as I can before I graduate in May.

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April 17, 2012 7:49AM


WOW. We just had one of the best events of the semester: SPRING WEEKEND!! This was probably my favorite Spring Weekend I’ve ever been a part of!

The week before, our wonderful Longwood workers start assembling all of the frames for the booths–that’s when the excitement starts!! Then, the stages start getting part up. The tent for the picnics is put up. And finally, the volleyball court is dug out! Dug out? Yes. All of the sand is taken up and put in huge piles, and then the volleyball court is filled with water. Yes, this leaves you with a lot of mud, but that’s what OOZEBALL is all about!!!! Since this was my last Spring Weekend as a student, I was NOT going to let another Spring Weekend go by without playing Oozeball. I had the wonderful opportunity to play on the Cunninghams RA team with some great staff members, our supervisor, and a couple of other people who joined our team :) We made it to the 3rd round, and then unfortunately lost by 1 point, but I had the BEST time!!!

This was the first Spring Weekend where I didn’t have to work a booth–which was really weird! But, I did have a chance to walk through the booths a little bit between Oozeball games. I didn’t buy any food or anything, but I did buy 2 bracelets made from strips of bandanas braided together, and 2 buttons: one that says “I <3 LU” and one that says “110% Red Class!” The best part about all of the items being sold at the booths, is that it’s all of the Longwood clubs and organizations selling them, & they know we’re all college students, so everything is reasonably priced :) I took a couple of videos while I was walking through the booths, because I wanted future Lancers, who might be reading this post, to get a feel for Longwood!

I ended up spending about 7 hours by the Oozeball pit on Saturday, give or take a few minutes to walk through the booths & then go grab lunch from the D-hall picnic tent. But, I did get some sun on my face with a nice sunglasses tan, leaving me with a bright red nose! *Word of advice: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!

After all of the Oozeball games were finished, I grabbed some dinner, and then just went to hang out and relax for a little bit. But, I made it back just in time to hear Justin Moore perform behind the Student Union. Now, I really enjoy coming to these concerts, I do, but sometimes, the tons of people in the crowd just bothers me. Matt & I ended up finding a table a little ways back and sat there to enjoy the concert. At first, I didn’t want to sit away from the stage because I felt like I’d be missing out, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. We were able to 1) see Justin Moore, 2) hear the music very well, 3) carry on a conversation when we wanted, and [my favorite] 4) SIT DOWN!! :) Here’s a video of one of Justin Moore’s songs, “If Heaven Weren’t So Far Away.” Now, I do realize you can’t see Justin Moore so much in this video (I apologize) but I hope you get the idea and enjoy anyway!

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