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I'm from Richmond, VA and when it came to choosing which school to go to, I had no idea. When I came to Longwood for my first tour, my mom said she could see me going to Longwood, and since Mom usually knows best, here I am!
When I first started at Longwood, my intentions were to become a Physical and Health Education teacher. After my sophomore year, I realized teaching really wasn't my passion, so I changed my Kinesiology concentration to Exercise Science. Throughout my time here, I've been involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Longwood Ambassadors, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Mortar Board and I'm in my second year as a Resident Assistant. My senior year has approached so quickly and I'm trying to take in as many of the Longwood traditions as I can before I graduate in May.

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April 24, 2012 12:43PM

Since we are in the final stretch of the semester & year, I’m glad all the weekends are filled with plenty of things to do!! If you read my previous post, you can read all about Spring Weekend a couple weeks ago. Well, this past weekend was just as eventful!

Friday night was Relay for Life and it was so much fun! I wasn’t on a Relay team, but I still went and had a fantastic time supporting such a great cause. I walked some laps, bought some things from some of the teams, took pictures, hung out with friends and honestly, didn’t get very tired at all! If you didn’t know, relay starts at 7:00pm on Friday night and lasts until 7:00am Saturday morning! But, there are plenty of events going on throughout the night to keep everyone up and going! There was lots of dancing, a Mr. & Ms. Relay pageant, and even chicken bowling! Yes, chicken bowling. It’s just like regular bowling, except, you don’t use a ball you use…….a frozen chicken!! I didn’t play but I watched and it was quite entertaining! :)

It’s nights like Relay that remind me of everything I’m going to miss about Longwood: the nights that you stay up all night, having lots of time to hang out with your friends, and better yet–knowing everything you’re doing is for a good cause!

Then on Sunday afternoon, we had the end of the year RCL Banquet. It’s always fun to get all dressed up & hang out with your staff and all of the other RAs and DAs! This year’s banquet theme was Hollywood Red Carpet and everyone got these Oscar awards showing how many semesters they have served in RCL. Also, as a gift from the RA Mentors, everyone got a koozie to remember another great year in RCL!

If anyone were to ask me why I’m glad I became a RA, it wouldn’t only be because I had a lot of amazing residents, planned some fun programs & helped out a lot of people. It would also be because I met some of the greatest people in my life, and the past 2 years working for RCL have just been wonderful, and I’m going to miss everyone so much!

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