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I'm from Richmond, VA and when it came to choosing which school to go to, I had no idea. When I came to Longwood for my first tour, my mom said she could see me going to Longwood, and since Mom usually knows best, here I am!
When I first started at Longwood, my intentions were to become a Physical and Health Education teacher. After my sophomore year, I realized teaching really wasn't my passion, so I changed my Kinesiology concentration to Exercise Science. Throughout my time here, I've been involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Longwood Ambassadors, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Mortar Board and I'm in my second year as a Resident Assistant. My senior year has approached so quickly and I'm trying to take in as many of the Longwood traditions as I can before I graduate in May.

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December 10, 2011 12:25AM

Right now, it’s late Friday night.  So late that I just realized it’s technically Saturday morning now.  Finals week is OVER.  Which only means one thing–I only have ONE semester left at Longwood.  Excuse me, but, where have the past three and a half years gone?!

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was moving in to Longwood for the first time, living with a random roommate who I quickly became good friends with, and trying to get involved on campus?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I became a Longwood Ambassador (and now I am inactive :( )?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was my sophomore year and I was living with my suitemate from freshman year?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I got my first acceptance letter to become an RA?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I decided to change my major, and now I’m ACTUALLY about to graduate on time in May?!

You always hear people tell you, “college is the best four/five/etc. years of your life!”  I never thought that’d be true.  I thought college was going to be so difficult and I’d never meet anyone or have a social life. Boy, was I wrong!

I know I’m not done with college yet, but seriously, these past 3 1/2 years have been a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I’ve made some of the best friends anyone could ask for, I’ve had the best opportunities ever, I’ve taken some of the most interesting classes…there’s never been a dull moment.  And I think having so many events to look forward to every day/weekend/month/etc. has helped make the time go by when I wanted winter break to come so quickly.  But wanting all the breaks to come sooner has made each semester go by faster and faster.

After finishing finals this week, I realize I only have one semester left.

The next time I finish finals, I have no semesters left.  Instead, I’ll be out in the real world.

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