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I'm from Richmond, VA and when it came to choosing which school to go to, I had no idea. When I came to Longwood for my first tour, my mom said she could see me going to Longwood, and since Mom usually knows best, here I am!
When I first started at Longwood, my intentions were to become a Physical and Health Education teacher. After my sophomore year, I realized teaching really wasn't my passion, so I changed my Kinesiology concentration to Exercise Science. Throughout my time here, I've been involved in Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Longwood Ambassadors, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Mortar Board and I'm in my second year as a Resident Assistant. My senior year has approached so quickly and I'm trying to take in as many of the Longwood traditions as I can before I graduate in May.

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September 25, 2011 1:50PM

I’m going to start by stating the obvious: Farmville is small.  But, don’t hate, the area is developing! I mean, we just got a new frozen yogurt shop (Flipflops…..which is amazing, btw) and Bojangles will be opening within the next couple of months!  And there aren’t just food places in the town of Farmville.  There’s a movie theater, a mini golf course, bike trails, and…..Walmart? Ha, just kidding!  If you’re interested in what summer life is like in Farmville, then be sure to check out my friend Lynne’s blog post here.  She did her internship at Longwood this past summer, but also had time for some pretty fun activities!

During the school year, tons of activities are going on, especially on the weekends.  A couple of weeks ago, Lancer Productions hosted a Casino night.  I wasn’t able to make it, but I heard it was awesome and they had lots of great prizes…like a Kindle!  Lancer Productions also plays recent movies in the Student Union on the weekends.  Some of the movies they’ve showed so far this year are Bridesmaids, The Hangover Part II, and Cars 2.

This past Friday night, I saw a sign saying that it was Game Night in the library. 

Toy Story Kerplunk!

I’ve never been to one, so I decided it was time to change that! After dinner, my fiance and I headed over to the library, just to check it out.  We had no intentions of spending almost 2 hours there having so much fun! We started out playing Mario Kart on Wii, I played one round of Rock Band (I’m good playing the guitar; the drums-not so much), and then we went to see what board games were out.  You could definitely say that our “inner child” was showing Friday night, because we had the best time playing Operation, Don’t Break the Ice, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Kerplunk! Seriously….SO. MUCH. FUN. 

And what’s a game night without some snacks? Well, leave it to Longwood Dining Services to have a full table of fruits, veggies, crackers, cookies, brownies and lemonade for us! So awesome.

I’ll leave this post on this note:  Even if Farmville is a small town, there’s always something fun to do on campus, and best of all: IT’S FREE! :)

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