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Hello there! My name is Lynne and I'm a senior at the lovely Longwood University. Over the course of my college career at Longwood, I've joined a few organizations. One of them being Longwood Ambassadors, which means I get to lead prospective students on tours and tell them all the wonderful things Longwood has to offer (and look snazzy in a blue polo and khaki pants while doing it!) Some of my favorite things to do on campus include eating with my friends at the dining hall or longboarding around Brock Commons. This year, I'm just trying to soak up all of the goodness of college before I graduate in the spring.

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November 18, 2011 6:19PM

A Holiday In England

It’s impossible to run out of reasons as to why I love Longwood. Since it’s my senior year, I decided that I needed to spice things up. From the time I was a freshman, I have always been encouraged by advisors, peers and professors to study abroad. My friends that had studied abroad said it was the greatest experience of their lives. Longwood provides you with so many opportunities to study abroad, it can be difficult to choose where to go: Thailand, China, Egypt, India? The list goes on and on. If you can’t find a particular program that you like, the Office of International Affairs will make a plan for you and send you on your way.

So after hearing all the hype, it’s my turn to go explore the world. Around this time in December, I will be on my way to the United Kingdom. I am taking a 3 credit Archaelogy class and will be travelling with about 15 other students. I will update my blog more once I have details, but I just wanted to share the news about this awesome expedition!

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