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I am senior Business Marketing major with a minor in Spanish at Longwood University. I am from Richmond, Virginia. I love to read and travel. I hope to go abroad and explore Europe or South America after college. I plan on pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration in Sustainable Business after graduation. I am a Longwood Ambassador and a Resident Assistant in the Longwood Village. I am also a mentor for the College of Business and Economics. I enjoy planning events for my residents and giving tours to prospective students!

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October 22, 2011 2:02PM


Here at Longwood it is virtually impossible to not be involved in something on campus. There are over 125 organizations and clubs and it’s as simple as getting 3 friends together to make your own club if you can’t find one you like. New organizations pop up on campus all the time and fill the niche that is desired by students on campus. The awesome part about Longwood is that not everyone has to be in just one type of organization. Apart from academics, involvement is the second biggest thing on this campus. Most schools show their school spirit by rallying at football games, Longwood students show their school spirit by coming together to help the community and support each other’s organizations. I think it an amazing thing to witness the unity on this campus when it comes to outreach and support.

The Ambassadors (one of the organizations I am involved in) helped with an Open House for prospective students this past weekend. During the Open House, some students take the time to tell the prospective students and families all the things they are involved in. Most people have between 2-5 organizations, some have work and internships. It all just depends on that person and what they can handle. I really got to the thinking about all the things I am involved in. I have always just thought of myself as an Ambassador and an RA. I have done internships and worked during school as well, but when my peers were naming their other involvement I kept thinking oh I’m in that…oh I’m in that too! Being involved is so easy to do on this campus because people are so welcoming and friendly. The selections are diverse and you can really find your niche with an organization. In total I am currently involved in about 6 things: Resident Assistant (which is more like a job), the Ambassadors, College of Business and Economics Mentor, American Marketing Association, and Longwood Village Community Advisory Board President.

I am proud of all the organizations I am involved in and how they have shaped my college career. I have gotten to know so many great people and been able to connect so well with professors, friends, and alumni. Involvement is crucial at Longwood and luckily there is something for everyone!

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