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I am senior Business Marketing major with a minor in Spanish at Longwood University. I am from Richmond, Virginia. I love to read and travel. I hope to go abroad and explore Europe or South America after college. I plan on pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration in Sustainable Business after graduation. I am a Longwood Ambassador and a Resident Assistant in the Longwood Village. I am also a mentor for the College of Business and Economics. I enjoy planning events for my residents and giving tours to prospective students!

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October 27, 2011 8:23AM

Getting stuffed not stressed!

In November, as a challenge to myself, I am going to cook/bake something every single day. I live in a Longwood sponsored apartment complete with a full kitchen, but I hardly have time to cook and I usually take the easy way out with soup and a sandwich.

I want to challenge myself by trying to cook or bake something every day as a way to relive stress and a way to develop skills in the kitchen. With graduation looming over my head, I think I should at least learn how to cook appetizers and some main dishes. I have dabbled in cooking, but I am a fair weather cook; if I have time, I do it, but otherwise I opt out! So with a little inspiration from foodie blogs, I came up with “Get stuffed, not stressed in November.” My month long endeavour into cooking!

Because I am an RA, I am going to open this challenge up to my residents and invite them to come and see how it’s made and enjoy the (hopefully) yummy results. Cooking can be such a great stress reliever and if you have a kitchen (which most residence halls do) it can be a great place to relax and cook up something delicious!

I think my first dish is going to be chocolate chip banana cookies! I’ll keep you posted with the results :)

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