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I am senior Business Marketing major with a minor in Spanish at Longwood University. I am from Richmond, Virginia. I love to read and travel. I hope to go abroad and explore Europe or South America after college. I plan on pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration in Sustainable Business after graduation. I am a Longwood Ambassador and a Resident Assistant in the Longwood Village. I am also a mentor for the College of Business and Economics. I enjoy planning events for my residents and giving tours to prospective students!


April 22, 2012 8:26PM

A bittersweet month of “lasts”

As I write this blog post, I reflect on the numerous experiences I have had on Longwood’s campus and the hundreds of people that have touched my life for the better. When I announced my graduation to my family, my uncle asked me to sum up my college career in 10 words or less. Every response I tried, he turned down saying that it wasn’t enough or I wasn’t doing it justice and he was right. My final answer was that college is an overwhelming experience that cannot be summed up in 10 words or less. A Longwood experience cannot be summed up in 10,000 words. I was lucky enough to be able to live this experience and not have to just read about.

This is the last week of classes. Last Saturday was my last Open House as an Ambassador. Last Tuesday was my last Ambassador meeting. Today was my last RCL banquet. It’s strange to walk around this beautiful campus and think about how many more lasts I will experience before I walk across the stage. Will this be my last trip to Hiner? Will this be my last trip down Brock Commons? At Relay for Life on Friday, I realized that this is my last time at a large fundraising event like this for a student. Can I still do these things in the real world? When I look around campus and see the numerous leadership opportunities and the speakers coming to Longwood, I think about how I won’t be able to experience the academia like this again (unless I go to grad school). College has truly been a blessing and not just because I have a job after school or that I get a Bachelor’s degree, but because I get to remember the best experiences of my lifetime.

I’m reading an article now about how job prospects for the graduates of the class of 2012 are the worst they have ever been. I’m an employed soon-to-be graduate and I know that it’s because of the dedication of the faculty and staff at Longwood and the numerous experiences they have provided me. I am one lucky Lancer.

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