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I am a senior at Longwood University, with a Liberal Studies (Elementary Education) major and a Children's Literature minor. I am a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma and live in Stubbs Dormatory on campus. I grew up in Northern Virginia and have lived in the same house for my entire life. I am the youngest of three girls and have a terror of a dog. I like to read classic books, my favorite being Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and listen to all kinds of music.

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January 29, 2013 8:11AM

Roommate Conflicts

So although I’m a senior I am still having roommate/suite mate issues. I live on my sorority hall but there are several non-Sigmas that live on my hall. This isn’t a post to talk about my issues it’s to talk about how to fix them. A lot of people come to college and have roommate or suite mate issues and don’t know the best way to deal with them. I was an RA for two years and I know that getting someone else, although sometimes difficult, is the best way to deal with a situation so that it doesn’t get out of hand. Despite how upset or angry one roommate might feel getting someone else involved helps because you do not act irrationally. Acting irrationally and “getting back” or saying mean things or doing mean things to your roommate or suite mate will not make the situation better. In the end you both have a right to live in the space. Calling in an RA, Resident Assistant, to create a roommate or suite agreement can be beneficial even though at the end of the day it might be a little awkward. Whether it’s because you are not comfortable confronting someone or you just don’t know how to, RA’s will be able to help you figure out the best plan of action while still letting you resolve your own problems.

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