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I am a senior at Longwood University, with a Liberal Studies (Elementary Education) major and a Children's Literature minor. I am a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma and live in Stubbs Dormatory on campus. I grew up in Northern Virginia and have lived in the same house for my entire life. I am the youngest of three girls and have a terror of a dog. I like to read classic books, my favorite being Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and listen to all kinds of music.

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November 26, 2012 12:08PM

Incorporating Technology in Leadership

A few weeks ago…I’ve been really busy…I went to the Mountain Lake Leadership Conference with my job as an ITC. Last year I was elected to go and participate with my sorority, so this was my second time going. The concept of this year was technology in leadership and the DEC, which is Longwood’s Digital Education Collaborative (which is what my ITC job is under) presented on three different things.
Our first presentation was on elevator pitches: what they are and how to create one. I realized that having an elevator pitch is important for everyone to have because you never know when you are going to run into a dream employer. I had a hard time making mine conversational and knowing that it’s not memorization of your speech that makes it work, it’s what you say and how you say it.
The second presentation was on etiquette, and how technology is involved. We discussed basic stuff, like how you don’t go to drinks with a company to get intoxicated or eat all the snacks, you go for a purpose, to network and pitch yourself to potential employers. This is where an elevator pitch comes in handy!! We also talked about how having your cell phone out, checking email or checking the time is unacceptable because it gives off the wrong vibe, because no one knows what you are doing on your phone, and people generally don’t always assume the best of people. You go to meetings, business cocktail hours, and business dinners and interviews for a purpose. Don’t forget your purpose.
The third presentation was on how to use social media for change. There are a lot of cool websites that you can use to spread awareness of a cause and or raise money for it.

I learned a lot from this and there was a lot of other cool presentations that I learned a lot about how to create an online resume, using interactive interfaces and also sites like LinkedIn. Also how to make facebook and twitter professional tools, since employers look at them!

In the white and blue spirit,

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