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Since the fall of 2007 I have been a member of the campus radio station WMLU 91.3 fm and have served as its Sports Director since 2008. During that time the radio station has received two Virginia Association of Broadcasters awards for "Outstanding Sports Coverage" (2009, 2010) and has become one of the leading voices in covering Longwood Lancer's athletics on campus. I have also spent time using the skills I have learned in the classroom writing for The Rotunda about such events as the 2008 Presidential Election.

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January 27, 2011 3:38PM

Winter Woes

Just when I thought we had turned the page on snow and the winter weather would soon give way to warmer temperatures outside another mini snow storm left its mark on Farmville last night. Classes were canceled during the evening hours and Longwood at 10 am this morning. Now I will say this. If I am forced to deal with more snow and frozen conditions outside, then at least the potential for classes being canceled is something to look forward to over the next month. Unfortunately, my 9:30 class this morning was only delayed by 30 minutes and we still had to show up at 10. It wasn’t that bad, but it would have been nice to sleep in. Nevertheless, I have seen just about all I wanted out of winter these past two months. I know it’s unlikely that the weather will change significantly in February. In fact, that’s the one month we typically see the most snow in. I am also not putting much faith in the annual Groundhog Day tradition that is supposed to give us a sign as to how long it will be until Spring. All I can really do is count down the days until Spring officially starts in March.

That day is a long way off but I hope we get a few of those random 50 or 60 degree days thrown in during February. It is a lot easier to be outside on campus when the wind chill isn’t below freezing each morning and night. Winter used to be one of my favorite seasons, but I have grown out of that it seems. It’s still nice for a change of pace after the summer, but I think I’m ready for shorts and t-shirt weather again already.

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