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I am from the rural dirt roads of Botetourt County, Virginia. I choose Longwood because of its size and friendly atmosphere. I am heavily involved in my school and community both here in Farmville and back home in Eagle Rock, Virginia.

I serve as News Editor for The Rotunda, the student newspaper here on campus, and have been writing for the paper since March 2009. I am also a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Longwood University Judicial Board. I have spent this summer discovering the world of online freelance journalism and have quite enjoyed myself.

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April 16, 2012 8:36PM

New Lancers


That’s really a scary word for a lot of people. I think that is why many institutions now are moving toward a label-free “first year student” which tends to encompass the vast number of transfer students that are now calling Longwood home. This past Saturday I was lucky enough to take part in the last Admissions Open House of the semester and of my college career as a panel guest.

I have been on the panel for a while now and have probably been at five or six open house events. I have enjoyed each one and have been so excited to see the new crop of students entering the door. The crowd Saturday was full of passion and excitement and had some great questions.

I never attended one of Longwood’s open house days. In fact, I only went to orientation here in the Summer. I guess I just took Longwood for granted as being a great school. It looks like everything worked out perfectly as I am on the road to graduate in just a few, short weeks. It’s been a great ride and I’m looking forward to reminicing about these open houses. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my Longwood expereince with students who have made a decision or are in the process of making a decision.

If you were there Saturday, I really hope you had a great day at the panel and at Spring Weekend. It was a wonderful day to visit and I hope that you will make the decision of becoming a Lancer! It’s one that you won’t regret.

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