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I am from the rural dirt roads of Botetourt County, Virginia. I choose Longwood because of its size and friendly atmosphere. I am heavily involved in my school and community both here in Farmville and back home in Eagle Rock, Virginia.

I serve as News Editor for The Rotunda, the student newspaper here on campus, and have been writing for the paper since March 2009. I am also a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Longwood University Judicial Board. I have spent this summer discovering the world of online freelance journalism and have quite enjoyed myself.

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February 11, 2012 5:04PM

Lobby Day


I’ve posted about Virginia21 before, and I’ve discussed it a lot over the past few weeks if you view any of my work outside of this blog. For those of you that don’t know, Virignia21 is a student-run political organization that advocates on behalf of higher education in Virginia.

Comprised of a large base of students of a diverse spectrum, this group is focused on making sure Virginia students can afford to go to college.

The push this year was for minimizing student debt and increasing financial aid. Here in the state, we tackle the debt issue by going to those who pass the budget, the lawmakers, and tell them we need a reinvestment in higher education in the Commonwelath.

That’s what Thursday was about. We lobbyed for the passage of the $85 billion budget and for the funding it gives to higher education. We also asked for more funding if possible since the future is grim without it for students. And we don’t want a grim future.

I was able to speak with Del. Lacey Putney (R-Bedford) about the problem quickly and ask for his support. I also talked to Del. Onzlee Ware’s legislative aid who was in support of our efforts.

It was great to be able for all 100 of us to talk to our respective legislators about the issues that are so important to us, like getting rid of this debt problem. Boarrowing $675 million last year to pay for college is just way too much.

If you’d like to see our video, click here. And don’t forget that you can do your part by contacting your seantors and delegates to tell them how this issue will affect you.

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