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I am from the rural dirt roads of Botetourt County, Virginia. I choose Longwood because of its size and friendly atmosphere. I am heavily involved in my school and community both here in Farmville and back home in Eagle Rock, Virginia.

I serve as News Editor for The Rotunda, the student newspaper here on campus, and have been writing for the paper since March 2009. I am also a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Longwood University Judicial Board. I have spent this summer discovering the world of online freelance journalism and have quite enjoyed myself.

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September 24, 2010 1:28AM

Homeward Bound

I must say this is a first.

When I first arrived at Longwood, I will admit I was slightly homesick. I often thought that traveling home each weekend would help my fix. Although, thinking back on the situation, I imagine that simply made things worse. My grandparents would make the almost 100 mile journey each Friday to come pick me up, only to turn around a day and a half later to make the trip yet again, making sure I was tucked in my dorm room safe and sound.

It’s kind of silly now. Thinking about going home every weekend, that is. It’s almost like I was a calf trying to ween off my mother, but I didn’t know how. I wasn’t that involved and I found weekends at Longwood b-o-r-i-n-g. However, my sophomore year, I straightened up. I became much more involved (which really happened the last few weeks of my freshman year oddly enough), and toughened it out here on campus. And guess what–I survived.

I made it through my sophomore standing and arrived back hereĀ  this semester. I’m proud to say, in a way, that this Friday will be the first visit home since mid-August. I’m proud of that fact because I can prove that I am involved and I can occupy myself on campus (whether it be through homework or traveling to North Carolina for the day, which actually happened a few weekends ago.)

Of course, on the flip side of this, I must admit that I do miss my family somewhat. This is the longest I’ve been without them for a long time and some days I wish I could see them. But I think this long break does good. It prepares me for the real world and the fact that they won’t always be there to greet me good morning each day. In a home of my own, I won’t be blessed with their presence. I will miss them then and I feel like being away for this long helps in the process.

I write this to you not to urge you to stay on campus, but to realize that not traveling home each weekend is okay. Your parents or loved ones will miss you, but you don’t have to feel pressured. They understand. They know that you’re into a lot or that you have your own thing going. And that’s okay. Because no matter what, they love you and I’m sure they felt the same way when or if they were in college.

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One Response to Homeward Bound

  1. I never went home every weekend, but my family showed up a lot on campus last year. It got to the point I wanted my independence from them so badly. This year, I’ve taken to missing them some. I don’t see them as frequently and we do miss each other, but it does make time with the family when I do see them more enjoyable. So I feel you there… missing your family isn’t wonderful, but it’s best in the long run to start getting used to some distance.