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I am from the rural dirt roads of Botetourt County, Virginia. I choose Longwood because of its size and friendly atmosphere. I am heavily involved in my school and community both here in Farmville and back home in Eagle Rock, Virginia.

I serve as News Editor for The Rotunda, the student newspaper here on campus, and have been writing for the paper since March 2009. I am also a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Longwood University Judicial Board. I have spent this summer discovering the world of online freelance journalism and have quite enjoyed myself.

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December 28, 2011 12:59PM

Christmas(s) Time


It’s not just a premise for a television show, it’s real life. We accumulate things throughout our existence. Some of these things we don’t┬ánecessarily┬áneed but we tend to keep. When we pile things up and up until it gets too much, we begin to hoard. It seems like this time of the year is the perfect year to clean a few things out since many of us just got a few more things (necessary or not) for Christmas.

So why would I post something about hoarding? What does that have to do with life as a Longwood student?

Well, when we hoard we usually keep things that we don’t even use. Therefore why not give those things away? As a Longwood student you spend a lot of time giving back to the community. What better way to give back to your community than actually giving your material items to others who could really use them?

Each year, I clean out my room and my belongings and place things that I have either outgrown or will never use again in a big box and take it to a local Goodwill collection station. The best part is actually going to a Goodwill and seeing something that you have turned in on the shelves. And then going back a while later and seeing that item gone. Someone else has found a new home for it — something that would have otherwise lived in a cold closet for a few years.

I invite you to take some time out of your holiday vacation and do the same. Give back by giving some of your own items.

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