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I am from the rural dirt roads of Botetourt County, Virginia. I choose Longwood because of its size and friendly atmosphere. I am heavily involved in my school and community both here in Farmville and back home in Eagle Rock, Virginia.

I serve as News Editor for The Rotunda, the student newspaper here on campus, and have been writing for the paper since March 2009. I am also a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Longwood University Judicial Board. I have spent this summer discovering the world of online freelance journalism and have quite enjoyed myself.

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March 28, 2011 12:16AM

Big Day


It’s as important as pie is to Americans. Or tacos do Mexicans. Or spaghetti to Italians. You get the idea. It’s important and it has many different meanings. To some, community might be a family. To others it might be a sense of culture. And then to others it is a show on NBC.

Regardless, to many, community is very important. Maintaining a good relationship between the two parties–the community and the other party–is very crucial. Longwood and Farmville have found a way to do that through something called The Big Event. It’s something that’s really a national idea, originating at Texas A&M University in the 80s. The event features a community service project day for students to give back to the community by doing an array of community events.

This past Saturday the event took place here in Farmville. Some 700 students, compared to just over 500 last year, turned out to go around town to do something–anything. I was a team leader for DASH, our community service club. Our team had about 16 people which was awesome. We were given two rakes, shovels and gloves. Oh, and wire cutters.

Our job? Go to Wanda Ferguson’s house in Cumberland County (it’s very close to town since Farmville is really in three different counties). We moved furniture from upstairs to a dumpster, helped clean up around the house and clean junk from an out building. We got to meet Ferguson and her family and friends that were there. She was one of the sweetest people I’ve met. We made a huge dent in her work, she told us.

After we were done there (from 10 to 12), we headed over to her sister’s house. Brenda Ferguson, who works in the university Dining Hall, had a huge group on her property already. We got to move some trees that had fell over the winter. It was a mess but when we left the woods were beautiful!

All in all we had a great day. It was all a lot of fun and it felt so good to give back to the community. I think this event is important and should continue for many years to come because these people really appreciate it. And we appreciate doing it.

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