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My name is Chuck. I am a Liberal Studies Major. I plan on pursuing a career in student affairs. I would like to move out West and go to graduate school after I leave Longwood University. My friends and family are the most important people in my life. My favorite Longwood tradition would have to be New Lancer Days! I feel that it is the best way for new students to become active in Longwood’s community!


January 25, 2012 8:26PM

It’s that time of the semester!

What do Dr. George Washington Carver, Ronald Reagan, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Stephen Spielberg have in common? They all chose to Go Greek! Many men and women have chosen that path in the past week. I would like to personally congratulate the 150 women that went through recruitment last week and the men going through this week. Longwood has an odd tradition called Walk. After sororities and fraternities finish their recruitment, they have Walk. The ladies from sororities get called by name and are shirted by the organization they have decided to join. Men that have decided to join a fraternity are called by name and get body surfed by the organization they choose. Both events are huge events for the campus. Many student, both Greek and Non-Greek, attend each event. This semester’s Sorority Walk was great because this is the first time I have been a Sorority Sweetheart for walk. I was able to meet all of the new members of Alpha Sigma Tau! It was a great experience.

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