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Hey world, I’m Averill! Some of you already know me from my blog last year, while others probably just found me! To both groups, welcome! This is my second year blogging and my third year at Longwood University. I’m an English major with a concentration in secondary education, which is a fancy way of saying I really want to teach high school English! I’m active in the Honors College, the Anime Club, and am usually somewhere around campus just hanging out or doing whatever needs to be done. Enjoy the blog!


May 8, 2013 11:09PM

What I learned in Boating School is…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Spongebob reference in the title.

Student teaching was a WHIRLWIND, thus so many tweets and so few blogs. Of course I didn’t get sick all semester, but student teaching I get a nasty little sinus bug… c’est la vie! I haven’t done too much, but resting is nice. I will be attending the Senior Banquet tomorrow, regardless, though.

Anyway, this will be my last blog post (though not my last tweet–I expect to turn @LancerLandshark into my twitter handle permanently after this) as a student blogger. I am a senior. I am nostalgic. It is bittersweet…

But here’s a summation of everything I learned outside of the spectacular curriculum of Longwood, because quite frankly these apply to everyone, whereas my curriculum only really applies to English education people.

-Making friends is awesome. Branching out is even more awesome, because having a lot of friends means you have a wide experience of people.

-Balance is important. Don’t just focus on school or on social life. Find ways to plan both. Your sanity will thank you.

-SAY NO SOMETIMES. Don’t commit to so much that you want to die of overwork and stress.

-Find things to keep you grounded and lower (not remove–I don’t think it’s possible to remove stress in college) your stress levels. Mine were video games and times with my friends. Yours may be something different.

-The relationships that truly matter will make it through college, even if you’re not near the person. That goes for romance, friendship, and family. If you and the other people are serious about keeping up with each other, it’ll happen and reunions are just that much better.

-It’s okay not to go Greek, be it social or academic/professional. It’s also okay to go Greek. Do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt you or others. I never got into the social Greek scene, though I was in some academic Greek organizations. However, for many, this is a great part of their experience. Don’t judge letters or the people who wear them. I learned this one myself and it’s so much nicer not to be under so many preconceived notions.

-You’ll find a niche. It could be anywhere and it could be a motley assortment of people and things. But if you are willing to get out there, you’ll find a home.

-To paraphrase Albus Dumbledore, help will always be given at Longwood to those who ask for it. The professors, for the most part, are SPECTACULAR about this. You’re not just a number. You’re a person. If you need something, ask for help.

-You’ll have bad times. Some of them will be awful. Rely on your support networks from home and from school. They’ll help you push through.

-There’s a Bowling For Soup song called “High School Never Ends.” It’s true, to a point. You’ll get a lot of great, mature things, and you’ll see the same old, same old. Choose what you personally are comfortable being a part of and if you’re not comfortable with something, don’t do it. College is a time to live a little, but don’t do it to the point where you don’t feel like yourself.

-If you want to have someone who is always happy and sweet and will try to brighten your day, talk to Betty at D-hall, even if it’s just for the duration of an ID swipe. She’s wonderful and always has nice words for people.

-Sometimes, the most off-the-wall, spur-of-the-moment things can be lasting memories. I Gangnam Styled in the Ruffner Fountain when it was empty. I got into Grainger and played anime on the computer lab projector with some friends because the building was empty and we didn’t want to bother people who were studying. I stayed up until dawn playing GoldenEye on my N64 and having punching-only matches while shouting “Come back here, I’m going to punch you! No, stand still!” I witnessed the single most intense Scrabble match ever between my boyfriend and a good friend of mine. (My friend won by 1 point. That intense.) Point being, sometimes you will have fun doing stereotypical college things. Sometimes you will have fun doing the most off-the-wall things that you never expected to do. But you’ll make memories.

-You MAY end up having a roommate who you don’t always like. Look at the positives while you room with them and then just be glad you moved out.

-Princeps crowns and CHI rotundas are serious business.

-CHI walks are serious business.

-Breaking your wrist hurts. A lot. Don’t do it. Even if it got me one CHI dropping.

-Pass-downs are nostalgic as all get out.

-DJ Landshark is still an awesome DJ name. WMLU radio is awesome.

-The real world is crazy, but it’s just another chapter in my life. College was scary too, but here I am now.

-Take every class seriously, especially student teaching. Don’t work yourself into an early grave if you can help it, but don’t ever get complacent.

-Passion is valuable. Use your passion for a topic, a thing, or life in general to drive you forward.

-Be as cheap and frugal as you can without sacrificing quality of the goods you buy. For example, some things are really you get what you pay for, others have store brands that are just as good.

-Tumblr and Netflix are addictive, bad for you at times of procrastination, but still pretty worth it.

-College is the best four years of my life–at least up to this point. It had bad parts, it had crazy stressful parts, and sometimes I wanted it to go away, but the good massively outweighs the bad. You’ll have great times, meet great people, and learn a lot about content knowledge, people, and yourself.

-Goodbyes are hard!

I will miss Longwood, but I know it’s time to graduate. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but I will miss this school and all of the people I met and spent good times with. My blood runs blue. My mother, my stepmother, my stepsister, and I all saw the good in a Longwood education and I don’t regret going here.

So, with a big thanks to everyone in the faculty, staff, student body, and families and friends of people from Longwood for all they did for me, this is Averill/@LancerLandshark/DJ Landshark/Ave signing off of this blog. Have a good time, stay safe, have fun, and know you’re following in the footsteps of many a wonderful Longwood student.

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