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Hey world, I’m Averill! Some of you already know me from my blog last year, while others probably just found me! To both groups, welcome! This is my second year blogging and my third year at Longwood University. I’m an English major with a concentration in secondary education, which is a fancy way of saying I really want to teach high school English! I’m active in the Honors College, the Anime Club, and am usually somewhere around campus just hanging out or doing whatever needs to be done. Enjoy the blog!

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September 19, 2012 9:10PM

Senior Year=Busy Life

I kind of expected this, to be fair, but dear god, Senior Year is intense. I’ve been having fun with friends and classmates and even more organizations this year than last year (even after dropping one because of time constraints! How does that even make sense?) and all the perks of Seniordom so far (Convocation, anyone?), but I’ve really been feeling that whole sleep/work/social life dilemma.

Also, I broke my other wrist right before the semester started. It was here at Longwood, too! Major bummer. But it’s healing really well and I’ll be uncasted the Friday before Oktoberfest.

Anyway, I’ll find my balance and somehow work in job hunting this spring. I always find a way…

Anyway, so far, there have been so many things outside of schoolwork that it’s hard to keep up even to blog about them! I brought back my show, Surf and Turf, to the webstream on Mondays at 7 (Nope, not self-promotion at all! ;) ). There was convocation, which was insane. I saw it during my sophomore year for my stepsister’s capping, but I NEVER expected to feel SO MANY emotions that day. I really felt like I was surrounded by my family here and my good friend, roommate, and fellow Central Virginian Amanda capped me. The cap was so crazy, but not in the way like some people had it with the decorations miles high. It just had a lot of little symbols of memorable incidents and my life and even “Caution: Fragile” written across two wrist bones! The speaker, Colleen Margiloff, had everyone about to ROLL OUT OF THEIR SEATS laughing. I had to rush off to class after it was done and a lot of pictures were taken, but I think I’ll remember it basically forever.

Rock The Block was pretty cool, but I am not gonna lie. I spent a lot of the time sitting on the hill at the Landings with Scott, who was down for a visit, and a rotating cast of my friends. I got some pretty cool freebies and the music was nice, though. Didn’t win anything in the raffles… YEAH! 4 year streak of not winning stuff! :P Ah well, c’est la vie! Scott also did something really cute and caught a little kid’s balloon when it started to fly away. All of my group of friends applauded him, even though he didn’t really stick the landing when he jumped for it. He’s okay, and to the girl he accidentally kicked in the lower back, we are sorry, thank you for understanding when he explained it and apologized, and I hope you’re doing fine now! ^^;

That’s basically all the news that is news. Wish me luck with this week, it’s so busy and caps off with Praxis 2 for English on Saturday. -nervous gulp!- At least when it’s done I get to go watch my friends who do Bellydancing perform at the Five County Fair and maybe kick back with a ride or two and a funnelcake among friends.

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