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Hey world, I’m Averill! Some of you already know me from my blog last year, while others probably just found me! To both groups, welcome! This is my second year blogging and my third year at Longwood University. I’m an English major with a concentration in secondary education, which is a fancy way of saying I really want to teach high school English! I’m active in the Honors College, the Anime Club, and am usually somewhere around campus just hanging out or doing whatever needs to be done. Enjoy the blog!

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December 19, 2010 11:03PM

Christmas Break

Heya, Blogland! It’s been a good past week or so…

Here goes. I found out my wrist is fully healed (Finally!), we did all sorts of Christmas preparations, I got good grades this semester, and I did something I’ve always wanted to do… sneak up on Scott with mistletoe. It was artificial because I didn’t have any real, but it was still fun.

I finally did get to see him and he’s home now, which is great. And then on Tuesday, I’m seeing my two best friends from home for the first time since August… I missed them so much. And we’ll be doing our Three Amigas’ Holiday Tradition, which is a girls’ night to a variety show at our old high school.

Also, I have to go back to my other job tomorrow. I work at a Food Lion. I like my job, don’t get me wrong, but I’m crazy nervous. It’s been months since I last worked registers there, so I hope I haven’t forgotten too much!

…I really don’t have much to day, but it is good to be home and may you all enjoy the winter holiday of your choosing!

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