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Hey world, I’m Averill! Some of you already know me from my blog last year, while others probably just found me! To both groups, welcome! This is my second year blogging and my third year at Longwood University. I’m an English major with a concentration in secondary education, which is a fancy way of saying I really want to teach high school English! I’m active in the Honors College, the Anime Club, and am usually somewhere around campus just hanging out or doing whatever needs to be done. Enjoy the blog!

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February 21, 2012 1:41PM

Busy life

Well, I’ve been insanely busy, so unfortunately this post is gonna be a bit rushed and short, but I thought I’d at least say that the Anime Club trip to Katsucon went well, even with traveling home with some snow in the forecast (we left early enough that it had not yet started sticking). I had a good birthday at the con with good friends and the chance to see Scott. Who wouldn’t like a birthday full of fun, love, and friends? :) I’ll post some pictures soon, but now I have to get back to work… So many papers, dear god… I’ll be back at full posting capacity soon, but until then, peace, love, and well-wishes to everyone! :)

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