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Hey world, I’m Averill! Some of you already know me from my blog last year, while others probably just found me! To both groups, welcome! This is my second year blogging and my third year at Longwood University. I’m an English major with a concentration in secondary education, which is a fancy way of saying I really want to teach high school English! I’m active in the Honors College, the Anime Club, and am usually somewhere around campus just hanging out or doing whatever needs to be done. Enjoy the blog!

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December 26, 2010 12:23AM

3 Ghosts

Gather ’round, Blogland, for it’s time for me to Dickens-ify my blog for just a bit… I don’t much like Dickens, even though he was a literary giant; he’s too wordy for my tastes. Regardless, A Christmas Carol shall become A Christmas Blog tonight.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. There’s no doubt about it. It beats the New Year (though the midnight kiss tradition is nice if you have someone), it beats my birthday (though admittedly, I’m not a big fan of my birthday… long story.), it beats Easter, it beats Halloween, and it sure beats my overly-full stomach at Thanksgiving. I’m a huge kid about Christmas, and this year was no different. I love it. :D

So, while I am no Scrooge by any stretch of the imagination, here are my three ghosts.

Christmas Past: Christmas holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I don’t talk about them too much in my blog because my life, while it has been changed by their absence, moves on regardless of their presence, but my Grammy (maternal grandmother) and my mom, both of whom had large hands in raising me, both died in 2007. This is the fourth Christmas I have spent without either of them. I have bounced back long ago, but I cannot help but think of some of my fond memories of them… like my mom’s cinnamon buns, which I now make, my family’s Christmas routine, funny present stories, all of the cooking (we still cook, but we make different treats a lot of the time), and Christmas mornings past. My dad cooked up some cheesecake earlier (yum, by the way…) and I noticed our recipe card was in my mom’s handwriting. It really brought back some old memories of cooking with Mom and/or Grammy. I miss them a lot, and I will never forget some memorable moments in our past. Nor will I forget jamming out to Christmas carols with Mom every Christmas Eve, only to have the 5th CD in our CD changer always seem to end up being the Beach Boys… Hehe! I also think back to me getting used to Christmas with Melissa’s family… it was unusual compared to my old routines, but I’m happy with the new routine as long as I can keep a few old traditions alive for myself. My mom’s favorite tree decoration is on my tiny Christmas tree in my room, everyone still loves the cinnamon buns, and I know if my mom and grandmother were alive, they would be glad to see me enjoying Christmas.

Present: First off, Food Lion is so busy on Christmas Eve. It’s insane. I came home last night, crashed, and was so tired when I woke up, but I couldn’t go back to sleep because… IT WAS CHRISTMAS MORNING! As I said, I spend Christmas a little differently from how it used to be now that I’m with Dad and my stepfamily, but I am content. Everyone in their family loves Christmas as much as Dad and I do and spending time together is grand. We cooked a lot, saw family, and just plain relaxed while we waited for my stepsiblings to finish with their dad’s Christmas traditions. I started a new book I got recently (Thanks, Jess! :D ) and am already on page 250ish… It’s so addicting! I also got a gorgeous sweater and handmade scarf (…if the sweater were handmade, I might wonder if I were a Weasley, since my stepsister got one too), a shirt, ornaments, a Coach makeup bag, clothes (including a purple peacoat and a matching purple fedora, haha! So quirky, but right up my alley!), the best gift EVER for an English Major (A KINDLE! Yay!), and plenty more… including a watch… guess I don’t need my phone as a pocketwatch anymore! …And that’s not even counting gifts from my friends earlier this week. I got Merry Christmases from friends at home and from Longwood, so I must say people did spread the cheer, I had a great day, and I got an awesome haul. Not to mention everyone was in a good mood (if perhaps a bit sick) and my boyfriend was being such a sweetheart via text. Apparently Gran saw me just looking at my phone and smiling like a dork while I was texting him back. :)

Future: Listen, I don’t know, to be honest. Hopefully one day I will achieve my dream and become an English teacher and I’ll get a ton of books and random student gifts. Maybe I’ll get married and spend Christmases with my love. Who knows, but if today and most Christmases past are any indication, I’ll still love it. My inner child never dies and she sure as heck loves Christmas. (My theory is that growing up is successful only if you can keep your inner child alive, even if you don’t use him or her all the time… lol I know I’m crazy.) …But I do know I won’t go to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. :P

All in all, I need not learn any lesson about the valuable meaning of Christmas and charity because I know about the religious meaning of the day and the joys of spending it with loved ones and I haven’t wronged poor old Tiny Tim, but I must say… God bless us, every one… (…and if you don’t believe in God, may the deity of your choosing (or no deity at all if that is your choice) bless you!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Thank you to everyone who got me anything or wished me a Merry Christmas; it’s much appreciated!

And if I don’t get much time to blog by next weekend, happy 2011!

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