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My name is Aaron Brown, I strive to work hard at everything I do. Music is a big part of my life whether its is listening or playing it, my favorite genre of music would be jazz. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their life experiences and connecting with different people. I live my life by the Japanese saying, "momentai", meaning No worries.

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November 13, 2012 2:27PM

Why Longwood, but why

Every time you speak to someone about Longwood and why is great for my child, you hear other same song and dance about small classrooms and the personal attention you need. Don’t get me wrong those facts you hear are very true but there is so much more to Longwood.
Longwood is a university that is deep in tradition but also is taking strides in innovation. A place where you can be at home, a place where you can take pride in calling your home. A place that you can grow in ways you never imagine and have the freedom to do as well. Longwood is built on the student leaders and offer great opportunities to practice these skills, through community service and peer to peer interactions.
As you look at Longwood you may say “why” longwood but once you get here you will gladly say MY Longwood.

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