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My name is Aaron Brown, I strive to work hard at everything I do. Music is a big part of my life whether its is listening or playing it, my favorite genre of music would be jazz. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their life experiences and connecting with different people. I live my life by the Japanese saying, "momentai", meaning No worries.


October 11, 2012 12:21PM

Leader in Us All

One of the great things about Longwood is that it  prepares you to be a leader inside and outside  your community. Attending the Joan of Arc leadership meetings has provided me with skills that I can apply to both teaching and in the work place in the dining hall. It explores your weaknesses and strengths as a leader as well as provide you with tips to improve. For me, this is huge because who doesn’t want a leader within their work place, production runs so much smoother when you are able to both communicate and lead a group well. The phrase “Citizen Leader” is not just a term that Longwood throws out, but actually works to help you achieve being one yourself.

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