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My name is Aaron Brown, I strive to work hard at everything I do. Music is a big part of my life whether its is listening or playing it, my favorite genre of music would be jazz. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their life experiences and connecting with different people. I live my life by the Japanese saying, "momentai", meaning No worries.

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November 30, 2012 12:43PM


Most people call us students
But rather I see us as prudent
Looking to a future where we can succeed
To go into a workforce overly skilled
Just so we don’t have to beg and plead
For the jobs we were promised in the classes we filled
In the classes where the work continued to build
For an “education” where the teacher preached
About subjects that seemed like a leech
School work diminishing the joy of learning
Turning it into an agonizing slow self burning
Forcing us to regurgitate what they said “they taught”
Because that was the education they said “we bought”
So we are forced to write letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, PAPERS
Take quizzes, test, and exams all so we wont forget it later.
All just to regurgitate an established thought.
So stress to the point we can’t enjoy the joys that can’t be bought
So we stare into a mirror, where even ME is barely recognizable
Because we are worried about the future, worried about the grade, worried about the due date
All so we can worry about the next raise at our “job” and and forget all the fun and enjoyment it was just to be me.

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