Amelia Twitter Tumblr


Major: Music Education (Elementary)
Interests: Playing the piano & the clarinet, Traveling, Sigma Alpha Iota, Painting, Taking long walks, Daydreaming, Classical music, Being in the company of friends, and of course Longwood!

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Autumn Twitter Tumblr


Major: Marketing and Management
Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Laughing, Going on adventures, Biking, and Being involved in all of my organizations!

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Chris Twitter Tumblr


Major: Liberal Studies/Elementary Education
Interests: Longwood traditions, swimming, country music, technology, traveling

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Devon Twitter Tumblr


Major: Liberal Studies: Elementary and Middle School Education
Interests: Singing, Performance, Dance, Leadership, Football, and Teaching

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Kylie Twitter Tumblr


Major: Criminal Justice
Interests: Reading, Country Music, Crafting, Cooking and Baking, Going to the beach, Traveling, Spending time with my family, SCUBA diving

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Sarah Twitter Tumblr


Major: Political Science: Global Politics;
Interests: Music, reading, crafting, traveling, puzzles, biking, movies

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Sherrell Twitter Tumblr


Major: Liberal Studies-Elementary Education
Interests: polish, Traveling, Listening to Music, Spending time with family and friends, Attending sporting events,Laughing

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